IMBeR at the 5th Workshop on Future Earth in Asia in Kyoto, Japan

A two-day workshop was organized at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) to consider the direction of Future Earth research in Asia. A number of research communities in Asia were represented, including several Future Earth Global Research Projects (Future Earth Coasts, Global Carbon Project, Global Land Programme (GLP), International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC), Integrated Marin Biosphere Research (IMBeR), Integrated Risk Governance Project (IRG), Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study (MAIRS), Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS)), and other Future Earth-related groups Sustainability Initiative in the Marginal Seas of South and East Asia (SIMSEA), Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production Knowledge Action Network (SSCP KAN) and Mapping of Future Earth Asia community).

The workshop highlighted the work of the Asia-based Future Earth research communities and recent organizational development in the region, and reflected on the opportunities and challenges for a mostly globally-conceptualized project to work in the Asia region. The workshop outlined the current status of Future Earth in Asia and its findings and highlights will contribute to an implementation strategy for Future Earth in Asia.