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2019 IMBeR Open Science Conference

Time: 2019.06.17 - 2019.06.21
Location: Brest, France

The Future Oceans2 IMBeR Open Science Conference will be held at Le Quartz Congress Centre in Brest, France

Workshops 15-16 June 2019 - Main conference 17-21 June 2019

Sessions and Workshops

Social Media Guidelines for Future Oceans2

In general, we welcome the use of social media during the conference to enhance everyone’s experience and to share the conference with a broader audience. Participants are encouraged to observe the following:

· Treat all participants, staff and exhibitors with respect and consideration, fostering a diversity of views and opinions. Respect different views, and refrain from posting anything that might cause offence.

· When a photo of a slide from a presentation or a poster is shared on social media, the presenter must be referenced by name (or twitter handle if appropriate).

· Please do not share any slides or posters if the “no tweet” sign, or “no photo” or equivalent, is displayed.

· If someone’s recognizable image appears in any photo that you take, please ask their permission before posting on social media.

Future Oceans2 is the second IMBeR Open Science Conference and will provide an opportunity to join world leading researchers to present advances in science from all disciplines that contribute towards –

ocean sustainability for the benefit of society: understanding, challenges, and solutions

In addition to delivering an update of the pertinent science, Future Oceans2 will foster productive inter-and trans-disciplinary discussions and provide a forum to strategically map future research directions. Within this context, Future Oceans2 is based around three interlinked themes –

  • Theme 1. Understanding and quantifying the state and variability of marine ecosystems;
  • Theme 2. Improving scenarios, predictions and projections of future ocean-human systems at multiple scales; and
  • Theme 3. Improving and achieving sustainable ocean governance.

Future Oceans2 will be an exciting mix of talks (keynote, research, and contributed -up to 10 concurrent sessions each day), posters, workshops, focus groups, world cafés, and other innovative formats to engage delegates. The conference will be preceded by two days of workshops.

Participants that registered 

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Scientific Committee

  • Carol Robinson (Chair) - UEA, UK
  • John Claydon - IMBeR IPO, Norway
  • Eileen Hofmann - ODU, USA
  • Julie Hall - NIWA, New Zealand
  • Paul Tréguer - IUEM, France
  • Maria Grazia Peninno - IEO, Spain
  • Prateep Nayak - U Waterloo, Canada
  • Priscila Lopes - UFRN, Brazil

Local Committee

  • Paul Tréguer - IUEM, France
  • Marie Bonnin - IRD, France
  • Nadia Améziane - MNHN Concarneau, France
  • Catherine Boyen - SB Roscoff, France
  • Olivier Thébaud - Ifremer, UMR 6308 AMURE, France
  • Géraldine Sarthou - LEMAR, France

Organising Committee

  • Gwénaëlle Coudroy - Campus mondial de la mer, France
  • Elena Fily - UBO, France
  • Marylène Faure - Brest Métropole, France
  • Lisa Maddison - IMBeR IPO, Norway
  • Veslemøy Villanger - IMBeR IPO, Norway
  • Fang Zuo - IMBeR RPO, China
  • Anne Mæland - IMR, Norway